Oakland / SF Bay Area

$350   for the first  1.5 hrs.

$100  for additional  1/2 hrs.

Additional gifts are ALWAYS Welcome and are shown Great Appreciation!

Gifting is an intregal part of growing and maintaining the incredible fantasy  you will experience!

Beautiful Assistant
$300  -  first 1.5 hrs.
$100 - Additional 1/2 hrs.

vixoncountess.com            countessvixon.com

Countess is an Oakland / SF Bay Area Mistress and San Francisco Dominatrix with both a SF dungeon and Sacramento dungeon.

$100  -  1.5 hrs.

$130  -  2 hrs.

The Attic is a private Dungeon (separate from Me) which must be booked prior to Our visit. 

Welcome to the delightfully intimate and sexy play space, The Attic, found behind Black Thorn.  Located through a black dungeon door and at the top of a playfully striped, turning stair case, The Attic is an inviting, well-equipped play space with elegant lighting, beautifully tiled bathroom and shower, shining black mahogony floors, glowing red walls, and gorgeous antique furnishings.


The Attic